Inverness from the CastleIf you’re wondering why stay in Inverness, here’s just a few ideas to help you decide why it’s an essential stop.  From talking to many guests who come to stay in Inverness I find people have all sorts of pre-conceived ideas about Inverness.  The majority love it and and would say it’s an essential place to see whilst on holiday in Scotland.  It has so many places of interest, history, culture, there’s really something for everyone.  It is a perfect base for exploring the rest of the Highlands.  From here you can travel to the Isle of Skye or take a day trip to Orkney.  You don’t need to go as far as that, since we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, castles, gardens, beaches, golf courses …

The Famous Sights

You couldn’t possibly visit Inverness without taking in the iconic Loch Ness, which is just a couple of miles from here.  You can go monster hunting via a boat trip on a Jacobite cruise.  Or take in the fascinating Urquhart Castle and the other sights around Drumnadrochit.  Culloden Battlefield is also just a few miles away too.  The site of the last battle between Scotland and England, it therefore offers an insight into the background of Scotland’s history and culture. Going north the Black Isle has a selection of beautiful little fishing villages, marinas and beaches.  There’s an excellent chance to see wildlife including dolphins too.  For whisky lovers we have plenty of distilleries nearby – Glen Ord, Tomatin and Glenmorangie are all nearby.

Vibrant and Fascinating

But lets dispel some misconceptions.  Inverness is not an Outlander theme park or a wee quiet village in the north.  It’s a vibrant, fascinating city that’s been welcoming tourists for centuries.  Inverness has a population of around 70,000 people which increases by several thousand as we welcome visitors from around the world for most of the year.  Despite being a city, you can still walk easily from one side of town to the other, although there’s also a hop-on, hop-off bus too.

There’s a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars, many offering traditional Scottish food as well as our famous whisky and ales.  Read more about my Top 10 Favourite Eating Places in Inverness.  We have plenty of retail opportunities, whether it’s souvenirs, outdoor clothing or Scottish produce.  You can even pick up your own kilt with all the accompanying regalia.  Music lovers will be impressed with the choice available.  There’s more formal entertainment at Eden Court Theatre or the Ironworks.  Many love the relaxed atmosphere of live traditional music in several city centre pubs.

Peace and Tranquility

Within this amazing city, there’s still the chance for peace and tranquility.  You’ll love to wander along the banks of the River Ness on the way back from a delicious dinner in town.  The bridges and trees are lit up in a quite unique setting.  The place we never get tired of visiting are the Ness Islands.  A collection of little islands in the middle of the river are connected by a series of bridges.  For a calm and peaceful spot full of ancient trees and wildlife, it’s unbeatable.

For a comprehensive list of what’s on in Inverness 2019 click here.  Still thinking  why stay in Inverness? Need some help planning your trip?  Please get in touch.

Eating Places in Inverness

Eden Court Theatre