World Porridge Making Championships took place this weekend in Carrbridge.  It was the 24th Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship, which happens each year in the Scottish Highland village of Carrbridge since 1996.  Competitors from across the globe came to fight for the coveted Golden Spurtle trophy and World Porridge Making Champion title.

Ellinor Carsson and Per Carlsson 2017’s World Porridge Making Champions, photo courtesy of James Ross

Congratulations go to Sweden’s Ellinor Persson who took the coveted title of World Porridge Making Champion, with Per Carlsson taking the Speciality title. The 23-strong international line up included competitors from the USA, Russia, Switzerland, Holland, Iceland, Sweden and across the UK and Ireland.

The title of World Porridge Making Champion is awarded to the competitor who makes the best traditional porridge using only three ingredients – oatmeal, salt and water. The porridges are judged on three factors – consistency, taste and colour. 

The Speciality title is awarded for a dish comprising mainly of oats but can be sweet or savoury.  From the simple traditional recipe of oats, water and salt, this competition celebrates the diversity of porridge.  Previous winners have included Sticky Toffee Porridge, Fruity Date Porridge and Pinhead Risotto with Lemon and Thyme and Parmesan.   This simple set of natural and healthy ingredients can be transformed into hearty, flavoursome meals.


Plain porridge oats and oatmeal are 100% natural with no added sugar, salt or additives.  They are naturally low in calories too – an average bowl of porridge made with water is said to be only 171 calories.  Health experts have shown that oats have many health benefits.  Oats have a high content of complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre so they release energy slowly. A bowl of porridge for breakfast should provide the body with all the energy the body needs until lunch time.

World Porridge Making Championship 25th Anniversary

The Golden Spurtle trophy comes from the traditional wooden spurtle that is used to stir porridge.  Ready to test your porridge making skills?  There’s plenty of time to hone your skills to be ready for next year’s competition, when the village of Carrbridge will be pulling out the stops for the 25th anniversary.  Entry details can be found at


delicious breakfast

As promised our new breakfast menu is launched today.  There’s nothing like a hearty breakfast to set you up for the day and here there’s a great selection, whether you’re looking for traditional or healthy.  The new menu features the old favourites plus more options for vegetarian breakfasts and more information on the source of our food.  All the hot choices are cooked freshly to order and you don’t have to choose your breakfast the night before but order at the table.

When you’re on holiday Isn’t it nice to enjoy a relaxing breakfast which someone else has cooked for you, whilst you decide what you’re going to do for the day.  If you normally have a fairly hectic schedule and normally grab a quick piece of toast or even skip breakfast it is quite luxurious to enjoy a leisurely meal in the morning and take time to plan your day.  After a comfortable night’s sleep  you can relax in the dining room overlooking the back garden and mull over ideas.  If you wish you can also find out more about places to visit from your host or chat with other guests about where they’ve been.  Guests often swap information about where they’ve been to and of course we can let you know the all-important weather forecast for the day and advise on any events taking place in the area.


New Breakfast Menu

From the sideboard:

Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit Salad, Natural Low-Fat Yoghurt

A Selection of Cereals and Fruit Bowl

Hot choices – cooked to order

Porridge – served traditionally on it’s own or with your choice of accompaniment – honey, cinnamon or fruit and nuts

Full Highland Breakfast – Frasers the Butchers’ steak sausage, Scottish smoked bacon, free-range fried egg, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Vegetarian Highland – vegetarian sausages, free-range fried egg, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Vegetarian Loaf – homemade vegetarian loaf (contains pine nuts), free-range fried egg, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Free-range scrambled egg and Scottish smoked bacon

Sandwiches – with steak sausage and/or smoked bacon and/or fried egg

Accompanied by

Freshly brewed tea or coffee and wholemeal toast

Special diets and gluten free options can also be provided.

A healthy start to the day

A healthy start to the day


Take time over a leisurely breakfast


Vegetarian Breakfast

New Vegetarian Breakfast

Coming soon … our new vegetarian breakfast choice, Home-made Vegetable Slice!

Vegetarian Breakfast
A delicious option for a healthy start to the day.

Made with vegetables, porridge oats, pine nuts and spinach this new additional to the breakfast menu will be available soon.  This is the third prototype I’ve made recently and even though I say it myself it’s delicious.  As an alternative to the usual meat options for breakfast like the Full Highland Breakfast, this is both healthy and tasty but not at all heavy.  The vegetable slice will be served with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a fried egg.



I am still putting a few finishing touches to our new breakfast menu but will be launching this in the next few weeks.  We already offer vegetarian options like vegetarian sausages served with mushrooms, tomatoes and egg and the fried egg sandwich.  Try this as a great start to the day and there’s nothing healthier than porridge to start your day.  A great favourite with marathon runners and all you non-athletes.  We will be offering all your favourites on the current menu with some new enhanced dishes.

You may choose to eat vegetarian food for a variety of reasons, whether it’s religious or moral grounds or for health reasons you’ll find plenty of choice here.  Of course there’s still the traditional Full Highland breakfast comprising steak sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and egg which is hugely popular.  But if you’re here for a few days you can try something different each day.  We are happy to cater for special diets and if you let us know in advance we can get alternatives for your breakfast such as glutein free bread and muesli and soya milk.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as the say, so let’s get the day off to a great start and let you make the most of your holiday.