New Ensuite Shower-Rooms

We’re very excited that work has started on the refurbishment of the Macintosh and Fraser Rooms.  Next month we will have brand new ensuite shower-rooms for guests to enjoy.  Today has already been a productive day and the rooms have been stripped bare but we can’t wait to see the end result.

As you can see everything from the original ensuites has gone.  So we’ll be replacing the shower, basin and toilet with a more modern style.  We will also replace the radiators with a stylish chrome heated towel rail.  In addition we’ve invested in better lighting and storage for all your toiletries and wash-bags.

Local plumber, Bryan Murray of BPM Plumbing, is managing the project and has recommended a team of joiners and tilers to get the job done.  He has also recommended the local branch of Plumbase for the majority of the new facilities and has helped me get the best design for the project.

Ideally it would have been great to refurbish all four bathrooms at the same time but it’s an expensive business.  Since the rooms have to be closed for 3 weeks whilst the work is done it’s important to do it right and we’ve opted for a major update rather than a cosmetic improvement.    So we’re doing the two double rooms, Macintosh and Fraser, now and as soon as the funds are available we will be updating single and twin ensuites for the Snug and the Eden rooms.  As any of the guests who have stayed here more than once will have witnessed, we believe in re-investing in the facilities and have strived to continually improve this bed and breakfast wherever possible.

So from a very dusty Bannerman Bed and Breakfast look out for the big reveal in a few weeks.

The work so far!

The work so far!