Green bed and breakfast
Green bed and breakfast

Recycling bedroom bin

With climate change on everyone’s minds, we all have to do our bit.  That’s why here at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast we’ve tried to be as green as possible.  When you book accommodation is it important to find a green bed and breakfast?

As part of our plan to reduce waste we’ve just introduced these great new recycling bins to all the guest bedrooms.  They have a handy insert for separating plastic bottles, newspapers and cans whilst the other side is for any other rubbish.  The old bins have been given away to friends, so no waste there.

We’ve also decided to stop providing plastic shower caps. Also the plastic cups in plastic covers have gone.  I’ve started making homemade jam which is a delicious option for guests.  But also it all goes towards reducing plastic and in particular single use plastic.

Recycling in all departments

Over the years we’ve tried to be a responsible business.  We’ve always recycled since we opened in 2006.  The Highland Council collects paper, cans, plastic bottles, tetra paks fortnightly for recyling.  Food waste, including teabags and ground coffee, are collected weekly and used by the council to make compost for the many flower displays around town.  Glass is taken to the recycling bins at the supermarket.

When furniture is replaced, if it can’t be repaired, it’s given to a local charity called New Start Highland.  They tackle poverty and homelessness and people in need of a new start in the Highlands.  A couple of years ago one of the tub chairs in one of the bedrooms had a tear in the seat.  A clever friend managed to replace the seat and made a matching cushion.  I’m delighted with the updated look but also thrilled the chair didn’t have to be replaced.

Fraser room chair

Recycled Chair

So if green policies are important to you, look no further than Bannerman Bed and Breakfast for your next stay in Inverness.