Escape the Winter Weather

Sick of the rain and floods?  Fed up with wearing wellies?  Then head north to Inverness and escape the floods.  Believe it or not the Highlands are experiencing great weather for the time of year.  Yes of course there’s the odd shower of rain… or windy day but on the whole the snow is where we like it to be, in the mountains.  Last week I cut the grass here at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast, at least a month earlier than normal and in January the north of Scotland experienced less than average rainfall.

A Walk round the Ness Islands

Here’s Barney enjoying a beautiful walk through the Bught Park and then around the Ness Islands, only a short walk from Bannerman Bed and Breakfast.
Barney on the Ness Islands Barney in the Bught
If you’re tired of staying indoors because the weather is so bad and the news is full of doom and gloom, there are places in the UK where you can get away from it all.  Our thoughts are with those affected by the terrible weather and we hope everyone keeps safe but the whole of the UK is not affected by the storms and the conditions in the north of the country are much better.   There are great skiing conditions in the Cairngorms and the Nevis Mountain Range.  The salmon fishing season is already underway and we’ve seen fisherman in the River Ness waist deep in the water in the last couple of weeks.
Of course you don’t have to be enjoying the outdoors.  If that’s not for you, there’s plenty in the area that can be enjoyed from inside.  Inverness has a fantastic choice of restaurants and bars and a selection of shops to meet every budget.  With Eden Court Theatre only a few minutes walk from here and a number of pubs featuring live music, there’s entertainment for all.
Need I say more, head for the A9…