Can I still go on holiday in Scotland? 

Update 2nd November 2020

Since writing this post just a few weeks ago, this information seems like ancient history.  As we grapple with the ever changing regulations, it’s hard to keep up to date.  The first question to ask isn’t, can I still go on holiday in Scotland?  It’s is it safe for me to leave my home?  If you are free to travel from where you live then you need to check the restrictions on where you are planning the travel to.  We are very fortunate here in the Highlands of Scotland as we are in Tier 1 of Scotland’s restrictions.  This means businesses are open, hospitality is open and able to serve alcohol indoors.  So we are open and welcome travellers from other parts of the country where it is safe to travel.

It does look likely that most of the UK wont be able to travel in the next few weeks.  If you are not able to travel at the moment, we hope you are coping with the restrictions and you can take some time to plan your next getaway.  If you are able to travel, we are open and Covid safe.  Either way we look forward to welcoming your here.


Hotel, guest houses, self-catering and bed and breakfasts like this one are open and ready to welcome guests. We are able to open because we have Covid 19 measures in place. It’s a good idea to check this in advance and always look out for the Good to Go logo. This means the business has risk assessed the premises and put mitigating steps in place, such as extra signage and hand washing facilities. Read more about Bannerman Bed and Breakfast’s Covid 19 measures. In addition, self catering properties are able to accept guests from one household only. If you’re staying in a bed and breakfast or hotel people from 2 households cannot share a room for example in a twin room,

From the 25th September all pubs and restaurants must close at 10pm. Some restaurants are already planning to open a little earlier in the evening so that no one is disappointed. If you have a future restaurant reservation it is worth getting in touch to check if your timings need to change. A maximum of 6 people from 2 households can eat out in a restaurant or bar. Hospitality venues are already working with social distancing measures in place and some have reduced capacity. More than ever we strongly advise you to make dinner reservations before you get here.

Of course to answer the question Can I go on holiday in Scotland? the first question is can you travel from where you live? People living outside the UK can visit provided they have spent 2 weeks in quarantine once they arrive here. Some countries are exempt from this, where there is low transmission of the virus. Here’s the up-to-date list of quarantine information you need.

If you live in Scotland or plan to travel to Scotland you can download the Protect.Scot app. This is a free app you can add to your mobile phone which alerts you if you have been in close contact with someone with the virus. The app is safe and anonymous and helps identify people you have come into contact with that you may not know, such as on public transport. The more people who download the app the easier it is to track contacts and check their health.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and some of the restrictions are hard to live with. The constant changing of rules and the lack of an end point are very stressful. There are exemptions to some of the restrictions. Keep up to date with the latest information in Scotland.

Above all, look after yourselves. If you’re not able to think about a holiday right now, we look forward to seeing you when you can.