Delicious B&B breakfast

We recently had a family staying with us who asked me to recommend somewhere for dinner.  Once they’d decided on the White House, I made a reservation for them.  They really enjoyed their dinner there, to the point they said it was the best meal out they’d had.  That’s not unusual as I often help people with suggestions and recommendations on places to go.  They had told me this was the only bed and breakfast they were staying in on their trip and the rest of the time they were staying in Airbnb properties.  Afterwards it struck me that this is the essential difference between Airbnb versus a bed and breakfast or guest house, the human interaction.

Of course there’s lots of advantages to using Airbnb, like flexible space, often with cooking and laundry facilities.  But you are missing out on the valuable connections with local people that help you find out about a country.  You can find out plenty of information online but it doesn’t beat the local knowledge from people who live here.  You’re also missing out on mixing with other tourists.  Over breakfast guests often share information on places they’ve just been to so it’s very up-to-date.  I’ve heard people who were staying on the Isle of Skye the day before recommend places to visit to guests on their way there that day.

Comparing price may seem like you’re getting more for your money with Airbnb, although the price is often the same or more expensive.  Remember just a few of the extras you get in a b&b.

  • a delicious breakfast made by your host – a great start to the day
  • you room is serviced daily – who wants to make their bed while on holiday?
  • valuable knowledge of your host who can make recommendations and reservations
  • interaction with other guests and sharing information about your travels
  • facilities and services assessed annually by a national tourism organisation like VisitScotland
  • confidence that the business follows health and safety regulations and has public liability insurance

So if these points are important for you when you travel, consider booking a bed and breakfast for the real travel experience.  To check availability and rates at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast, Inverness click here.





Green bed and breakfast
Green bed and breakfast

Recycling bedroom bin

With climate change on everyone’s minds, we all have to do our bit.  That’s why here at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast we’ve tried to be as green as possible.  When you book accommodation is it important to find a green bed and breakfast?

As part of our plan to reduce waste we’ve just introduced these great new recycling bins to all the guest bedrooms.  They have a handy insert for separating plastic bottles, newspapers and cans whilst the other side is for any other rubbish.  The old bins have been given away to friends, so no waste there.

We’ve also decided to stop providing plastic shower caps. Also the plastic cups in plastic covers have gone.  I’ve started making homemade jam which is a delicious option for guests.  But also it all goes towards reducing plastic and in particular single use plastic.

Recycling in all departments

Over the years we’ve tried to be a responsible business.  We’ve always recycled since we opened in 2006.  The Highland Council collects paper, cans, plastic bottles, tetra paks fortnightly for recyling.  Food waste, including teabags and ground coffee, are collected weekly and used by the council to make compost for the many flower displays around town.  Glass is taken to the recycling bins at the supermarket.

When furniture is replaced, if it can’t be repaired, it’s given to a local charity called New Start Highland.  They tackle poverty and homelessness and people in need of a new start in the Highlands.  A couple of years ago one of the tub chairs in one of the bedrooms had a tear in the seat.  A clever friend managed to replace the seat and made a matching cushion.  I’m delighted with the updated look but also thrilled the chair didn’t have to be replaced.

Fraser room chair

Recycled Chair

So if green policies are important to you, look no further than Bannerman Bed and Breakfast for your next stay in Inverness.



inverness b&b guest house hotel

We are and always will be cheaper than  We can say that confidently because we are not listed on this site or any other online travel agencies (OTAs).  As an Inverness guest house welcoming tourists and business travellers from all over the world we like to talk direct with you.  Whilst OTAs can be useful for researching an area we recommend making a booking direct with your chosen venue.

There’s several reasons for that.

  1. Price – Although many will promise the best deal, big reductions and no fees, of course they have to make their money somehow.  They do this by charging the venues listed a commission fee for each booking made through their site.  This is usually a minimum of 15% but can be as much as 25 to 30%.  When you book direct you know that the price you pay is for your stay and not for hidden charges.
  2. Accurate venue information – OTA websites includes all kinds of properties.  Hotels, guest houses, self-catering are all lumped together and generic language is used.  You’re a ‘hotel guest’ whether you’ve booked a hotel or not.  By visiting your chosen property’s own website you get a much better feel for the type of place it is.  Is it a bustling busy environment or is it small, homely and personal?
  3. Mis-selling – have you ever been looking for a hotel room and felt under pressure to make a quick decision?  OTAs use several techniques to persuade you to book now.  ’20 people are also looking at this room’ or ‘80% of Inverness is sold out on your dates’ are often used.  Plus free cancellation is offered so there’s no risk.  But if 50% of bookings are then cancelled and rebooked there isn’t really the demand implied.  There are also ‘guaranteed reductions’ which you would also receive booking direct.
  4. Misleading ranking – the hotels listed first are often rated as the ‘most popular’.  Sometimes they are actually the hotels that pay the most commission.  Online travel agents push these hotels first because they make most money from them.

Competition and Markets Authority Investigation

Six of the largest online travel agents have been investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority.  You can read more about their findings here.  The OTAs have been given until 1st September 2019 to stop giving misleading information.

Make life easier for yourself and book direct.  We would be delighted to welcome here for your next stay in Inverness.

Inverness Highland Games

If you’d like to know what’s on in Inverness 2019, this is a useful list of dates for your diary.  We are very fortunate to have lots of events taking place in the Scottish Highlands all year round.  Many of these will take place walking distance from Bannerman Bed and Breakfast too.  Four main venues – Eden Court Theatre, Bught Park, Northern Meeting Park and Inverness Leisure centre are each less than 10 minutes walk from here, so this is an excellent base whatever event you are attending.

Dates for your Diary


Fame – 25 February – 2nd March Eden Court Theatre

Inverness Music Festival – 28 February – 6 March Eden Court Theatre


Midge Ure – 7 March – Eden Court Theatre

Inverness Half Marathon – 10 March – Bught Park

Footloose – 20 – 23 March – Eden Court Theatre

Highland Adventure Fest – 24 March – Inverness Leisure


The Lady Vanishes – 16 – 20 April – Eden Court Theatre

Eddi Reader – 21 April – Eden Court Theatre

Etape Loch Ness Cycle – 22 April


The Verdict – 7-11 May – Eden Court Theatre

Inverness Classic Vehicle Show – 14 May

The Magic Flute, Scottish Opera – 21-25 May – Eden Court Theatre

Phil Jupitus – 27 May – Eden Court Theatre


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – 8 June – Bught Park

RNSO – 5 June – Eden Court Theatre

Here Come the Boys – 18-19 June – Eden Court Theatre

European Pipe Band Championships – 29 June – Bught Park


Educating Rita – 2-6 July – Eden Court Theatre

Skippinish – 5 July – Bught Park

The Proclaimers – – 6 July – Bught Park

Inverness Highland Games – 20 July – Bught Park


Black Isle Show – 1 August

Belladrum Festival – 1-3 August – Black Isle

Sir Ian McKellan – 12 August – Eden Court Theatre

Blazin’ Fiddles – 15 August – Eden Court Theatre

Kaiser Chiefs – 17 August – Northern Meeting Park

Madness – 23 August – Northern Meeting Park

Shrek the Musical – 21-24 August – Eden Court Theatre

Ally Bain and Phil Cunningham – 31 August – Eden Court Theatre


Nathan Carter – 11-14 September – Eden Court Theatre

James Acaster – 25 September – Eden Court Theatre


Ben Elton –  2 October – Eden Court Theatre

Loch Ness Marathon – 6 October

Loch Ness Knit Fest – 16-20 October – Inverness

Little Miss Sunshine – 22-26 October – Eden Court Theatre


Monsterfest – 15-16 November – Ironworks

Priscilla Queen of the Desert – 18-23 November – Eden Court Theatre


Red Hot Highland Fling – Hogmonay 31 December – Northern Meeting Park

Beauty and the Beast – 6 December-5 January – Eden Court Theatre

The What’s On in Inverness 2019 list is constantly changing and more events are added to it.  In addition Eden Court Theatre will be running their pop-up tent in their grounds again this summer.  It’s an opportunity to hear traditional Scottish and Gaelic music, whilst enjoying great food and drink.  It’s supported by the Black Isle Brewery.  You can either spend the evening there or pop in for half an hour on your way to dinner.

Many concerts and theatre events get booked up really quickly so we recommend you book your tickets and accommodation as soon as possible.  You can find out availability at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast here.  We look forward to welcoming you whatever you’re attending.

Now you know what’s on in Inverness,  you can find reasons why you should stay in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands, here: Why stay in Inverness?

Inverness Highland Games

Snowman Rally Accommodation

If you’re attending the Snowman Rally, Bannerman Bed and Breakfast is an ideal place to book your accommodation in Inverness.  With 4 superb ensuite bedrooms, you are guaranteed a comfortable stay and delicious breakfast here.  This is a homely b&b with plenty of extras, such as free wifi and silent fridges in rooms.  There is the opportunity to see the cars close distance in the centre of Inverness, so you can leave your own car here and walk into town.

The Snowman Rally is the first round of the Scottish Rally Championship.  It takes place throughout the Scottish Highlands where drivers are tested by the rugged terrain.  It was started in 1955 by the Highland Car Club.  The format has changed over the years, but the challenge against the terrain and weather conditions is a constant.  Snow and ice can be major factors testing both the drivers and the cars.

In the passed few years, the race has started from Inverness High Street, therefore it’s possible to see the cars up close.  There are viewing areas on most stages of the race.

Coogie Urquhart

For this year’s rally of 2019 the race has been renamed The Coogie Urquhart Snowman Rally.  This is in memory of the beloved Coogie Urquhart who was dedicated to the Snowman and rallying in the UK.

This thrilling event attracts visitors from all over the country.  The best way to experience it is in person, as you can see from the video.  This year’s rally takes place on 9th February 2019.  You can find out more information about the event, including an essential spectator guide at The Snowman Rally.  Have a look at our Rates Page to find the best rates and availability for Bannerman Bed and Breakfast.  We offer competitive rates all year round but we are particularly good value if you book for more than one night or choose our Non Refundable Rate.

Please get to in touch to plan your next trip to the Scottish Highlands.



Inverness accommodation

It’s not too late to book a Valentine’s break.  Treat yourselves to a romantic break in the beautiful Scottish Highlands by booking your Valentine’s Day accommodation at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast, Inverness.  To make the most of the fabulous sights and sounds the area has to offer, make a booking as soon as you can.

Inverness is a beautiful city with the River Ness running through it.  If you don’t want to venture too far there are lots of places to go for a romantic stroll.  Both the Ness Islands and the Caledonian Canal are walking distance from here and quite unique in their beauty.  In the evening the riverside is lit up with fairy lights and the many bridges are illuminated.

We have a great selection of restaurants and bars in the Highland capital, so now would be a good time to make a reservation.  If you’re not sure where to choose have a look at our eating out guide.  As well as fabulous eating options there’s also a great selection of live music, so you can finish the night off in style.

You can get to Inverness by car, rail, bus or plane.  We are just over an hour by plane from London or how about the Caledonian sleeper, as a romantic start to your trip to the Highlands.

We have excellent rates available throughout the year, but particularly competitive prices if you stay for more than one night or book our non-refundable rate.  If you’ve overstretched the budget over Christmas, payment is not due until you check out.



The Kitchen Inverness

The Kitchen

Inverness accommodation for Valentine's Day

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Stack

Haggis … for breakfast? … not sure about that.  Sometimes I’m asked why I don’t have haggis on the breakfast menu at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast.  The simple answer is, most Scottish people don’t eat haggis for breakfast.  It is more likely a dish we would have for dinner rather than breakfast.  I know that many hotels and guest houses do provide haggis for breakfast so it can cause confusion.  But this does give a false impression of Scotland and our traditions.  Also if you want to enjoy a busy day seeing some of the most iconic sights in Scotland, you may regret an extra heavy breakfast.  We do have plenty of alternatives for breakfast.  Whether you fancy the Full Highland or vegan-friendly overnight oats, there’s something for everyone.  Here’s what you can expect for breakfast.

So what is haggis?

It is tempting to say it’s a wee beastie that roams around the Scottish Highlands, but actually we don’t eat those.  We leave them to forage the countryside safely, whilst tourists are on the lookout for the Loch Ness Monster.   Haggis is made  with sheep offal (heart, liver and lungs) and minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock.  Traditionally it was cooked inside the sheep’s stomach but now it’s inside an artificial casing.    This is usually boiled and served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes).  There is also a vegetarian haggis which is made with pulses, nuts and vegetables.  Like many Scottish dishes, it was designed to fill you up and keep the cold out.

When do we eat haggis?

For me there’s 3 main times that we eat haggis.

Burns Night 25th January

Every year we celebrate the birth of our most famous poet Robert Burns on the 25th January.  Amongst many other things he wrote Auld Lang Syne – one of the most famous songs in the world as it’s sung at New Year throughout the world.  He also wrote the poem To a Haggis.  At a traditional Burns Night Supper, the haggis is piped into the room and addressed with the poem To a Haggis.

For Dinner in a Restaurant

Haggis, neeps and tatties is served in restaurants throught the Scottish Highlands.  Sometimes it’s served as a starter rather than main course, so you can have the opportunity to try this famous dish.  It’s also often served with a whisky sauce.  Many restaurants in Inverness have this on their menu – Urquharts or the Dores Inn are good examples.

In a Chip Shop

Not for the faint-hearted, deep fried haggis and chips is a tasty but heavy treat from a take-away chip shop.

For lovers of Scottish Culture, attending a Burns Night is a wonderful way to embrace all that is Scottish.  There’s food, drink, dancing and a heap of traditional and culture.  As well as the piping in of the haggis, and a traditional dinner there’s usually a Ceilidh, with Scottish country dancing, afterwards.  There are plenty of Burns Nights taking place in the Highlands.  If you’d like to know more about attending a Burns Night this January and help planning a winter trip to the area, please contact me or visit the website

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Stack

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Stack


Whisky Tasting this autumn

The River NessAutumn break in the Scottish Highlands

If you’re feeling in need of a break this autumn but stuck for ideas have a look at this.  It’s an ebook produced by VisitScotland.  It’s packed full of ideas for activities to take in the best of Scotland’s beautiful landscapes. As the number of tourists exploring the Highlands is thinning this is the best time to enjoy the stunning autumnal colours with added peace and tranquility.  So an Autumn break in the Scottish Highlands is the perfect time to visit the area.

It’s not too late to take in the wonderful autumn colours and we’re surrounded by nature all around Inverness.  Even in the city the trees are impressive along the riverside, just a short walk from here.   The Ness Islands are fabulous all year but especially just now.

Take in the seasonal changes to the countryside by whatever means suits you.  From watching wild life to hill walking, it’s all on our doorstep.  There’s plenty of outdoor pursuits available.  Or take time to learn about one of our largest exports by visiting one of the many whisky distilleries.

Grab a Bargain

Of course quieter times also means bed and breakfast prices are lower too.  This is an ideal time to get great value on your Autumn break in the Scottish Highlands.  There are bargains to be had in the shops and if you’re really organised you can make a start on the Christmas shopping.  There’s a much greater chance of getting a table in your favourite restaurant at this time of year.  What better way to round off a full day in the Highlands than a warming glass of your favourite tipple, maybe accompanied by live traditional Scottish music.

The best rates available for your autumn break and throughout the year at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast are here –  rates page.  There are considerable discounts for staying more than one night all winter season.  Let us kAlfie on the Ness Islands, showing off the autumn leaves at their bestWhisky Barrels, there's a huge choice of distilleries to visit on an autumn breaknow what you think or if you need help planning your next trip to Scotland.       Loch Ness scotland,an essential spot to visit on you autumn break to the Scottish Highlands

Travel to the Ness Islands
Snug Room for single traveller

The Snug Room









It can be challenging finding accommodation for the single traveller in Inverness during the summer season.  Although there are hundreds of places to stay, the summer months are very busy.  It can turn out to be  very expensive when you travel alone.  Most hotels have double rooms but let them out for single occupancy at a premium.

Here at Bannerman Bed and Breakfast we have one room The Snug Room, which is only available for single use.  It has a standard double bed and modern ensuite shower room.  It is called the Snug for a reason, it is cosy but well equipped and very comfortable for one traveller.  Many people have tried to persuade me that 2 people could easily stay in The Snug but I have always preferred to have one happy guest than two grumpy ones who have tripped over each other and the furniture. Of course you can also book any of our other rooms for single occupancy but the Snug Room offers great value for money.

Travelling alone can be daunting too, in a strange environment and having to make all the decisions alone.  Staying in a bed and breakfast gives you a more personal service where you interact more with the owner and other guests if you wish.  There’s an opportunity to share information on trips and places to visit, restaurants and bars.  Over the years I’ve seen guests share lifts to music festivals or just to the train station.  They’ve found a favourite live music venue and arranged to meet up with fellow guests.  Many times one guest will have just arrived from the Isle of Skye and chat over breakfast the best places to visit with someone who’s on their way there next stop.

You can also get recommendations from me – I’ve lived in Inverness for 12 years whilst running my bed and breakfast.  In that time I’ve amassed a great deal of information from personal experience or from finding out from my guests.

Equally if you’ve come here to get away from others, that’s fine too.  You can stick to your own plans and enjoy peace and tranquility.

Ready to book your next solo trip in the Scottish Highlands?  Check our availability here.

Inverness B&B Bannerman Bed and Breakfast.

delicious breakfast